Why there are so many positive reviews on biofit:

  • The ingredients are supported by peer reviewed studies
  • DE111 strain is such a potent and effective ingredient that it’s patented
  • There is a 180 day money back guarantee, and special deals found only on the official website

What’s the big deal?

Since I began my fitness journey 11 years ago one of the first things I would always do when researching a product is check the reviews. I gathered many tips and tricks along the way, but that strategy never changed. It just got more complex.

If you’re reading this, it’s very likely you’re sifting through the various biofit reviews on the internet and trying to determine if this product is legit and worth purchasing. You’ll probably notice that there are a LOT of positive biofit reviews. The question is: Are the positive reviews on biofit worth listening to? Well the answer is pretty straightforward: YES.

In my other reviews on biofit I had spoken about looking at the data. Reviews are good and all; and sure, you can read good biofit customer reviews all day. But if the data doesn’t match the positivity in the reviews, then the product might not be top quality.

So what I’m going to do in this article is look at the data. Then, and only then will I compare it to the positive reviews on biofit and see if they match up. That way, we can learn more about the product, why it can create results like the picture below, and why I, along with the other biofit reviews (2021-2023) I’ve covered, think it’s worth every cent.

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The high quality manufacturing

Alright, so first you have GMP manufacturing. This is something I wish more of the reviews on biofit would mention. GMP means “good manufacturing practice”. GMPs are carried out in the United States by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), under Title 21 CFR.

That’s a lot of legal speak for saying this: When a product is GMP certified, there are standards that it has to meet that put it miles ahead of other products that are not GMP certified. The manufacturer has to meet a high rating, the same kind of way restaurants get “A, B, C,” ect. Ratings from health and safety organizations.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s say GMP certified means you received an “A”. This is the first big thing that goes above and beyond people writing positive biofit reviews.

Another thing I wish every one of the reviews on biofit mentioned is its NSF certification. I covered this a little in my last article but I’ll really dive into it this time.

Third party testing

So first of all, there is what is called 3rd party testing. This is when someone other than you tests a product that you made and double checks that the dosing and quality claims on the label are true. This way, everyone knows you’re being honest. So in the case of biofit probiotic, someone tested its ingredients and determined that they are high quality, and contain the amount advertised on the label.

Now what’s great about NSF certifications, are that they mean the testing organization has to be certified as high quality too. So even the testers get tested! So along with all the positive reviews on biofit you can find around the web, there’s also the official tests that the product has taken to confirm the high quality people are talking about!

That’s how I know 100%, without a doubt, biofit is legit. That’s also why all the reviews on biofit probiotic are so high quality and report REAL RESULTS. So what are these ingredients, and what do they do?


Bacillus Subtilis (Strain DE111)

I’ll just say this: This ingredient is patented for a reason. There are over 250 scientific studies demonstrating the effectiveness of this product alone! The reviews on biofit rarely forget to mention this. And for good reason.

The things this probiotic can do are really incredible! Good reviews on biofit are great and all, but we should be asking, why are all these biofit customer reviews so great? Well, this ingredient is a big, big reason. Bacillus Subtilis does four big things:

First, the Bacillus Subtilis in biofit probiotic activates a fat burning gene called AMPK. This gene increases fat burning and metabolism levels, which results in weight loss.

Additionally, Bacillus Subtilis prevents the growth of bad bacteria like clostridium, which is known to cause obesity.

It also contributes to a functioning gut-brain axis which helps control weight and increase energy levels. If you read any of the reviews on biofit, there’s a good chance they’ll mention this, because it’s the foundation of the product!

Finally, it reduces the absorption of fat and carbohydrates in the body, while breaking down food allowing for the body to control weight loss and regulate its digestion much more effectively.

But that’s not all it does. Throughout the 250 studies on this patented ingredient in biofit probiotic, it has been shown to contribute to lipid health, immune function hormones and physical sports performance! I wouldn’t have believed some of the raving reviews on biofit if I didn’t know this… But after reading some of these studies, it is all starting to come together.


Lactobacillus is another frequently mentioned ingredient in biofit reviews across the web. While being incredible for weight loss, lactobacillus is world renown for its effects on digestion, skin health and cholesterol. If you have an upset stomach and are looking to feel better, this ingredient is the go to for digestive issues.

In fact, you’ll probably notice that in a lot of reviews on biofit, some users reported that their upset stomach vanished after taking this product. It’s the same reason eating yogurt helps you feel better when you are having diarrhea or a belly ache!

If you are looking for a food source with this ingredient, yogurt and cheese are good sources of this ingredient. There are also supplements with this probiotic, but it will be hard to find one that is NSF and GMP certified like biofit probiotic is. Beginning to understand why so many reviews on biofit (even the biofit amazon reviews) are so positive?


Bifidobacterium is like the cherry on top to all the ingredients. probiotics takes all the functioning parts of your body and helps them work together in harmony. 

What’s incredible about this ingredient is that it helps with such a large number of things, including depression! That’s right, Bifidobacterium can make you feel happier.

But that’s not all: It helps with just about everything you need to have a healthy, functioning body: digestion, metabolism, fat absorption, and breaking down carbohydrates and fat.

And when it comes to weight loss, believe me, the data (and the reviews on biofit!) say it’s VERY effective. Many of the reviews on biofit reported an overall sense of wellbeing, and I suspect a big part of it is due to this ingredient.

So why are these studies so important?

Well, the first part you should know about the ingredients in biofit probiotic is that almost all the studies are peer-reviewed, double blind studies. Put simply, they are the golden standard of research.

These studies suggest something very, very important: that a healthy, functioning body is dependent on a healthy, functioning gut.

More and more research is emerging to suggest this, and the connections between the “good” bacteria in your body and weight loss are starting to become more clear everyday.

That’s why it’s important to explore products that have probiotic effects like biofit probiotic and find something that really stands out from all the competition.

Because the rare and effective ingredients described in all the positive reviews on biofit are truly high quality and have an incredible amount of data to support them!

The gut-brain axis

The biofit weight loss effects are so profound because of the effect that probiotics have on the gut brain axis. So what is the gut brain axis? 

Well, think about it like highways that go back and forth between the stomach and the brain. If the stomach has good “fuel” it is able to better send messages back and forth on those highways that control important hormones such as ghrelin and leptin. These hormones help control hunger. 

One way to make sure these “highways” get the right fuel is by eating the right probiotics. Which probiotics decrease ghrelin levels, and as a result, decrease hunger? Bacillus Subtilis, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Which is exactly why biofit probiotic has 5.75 billion of these probiotics in every serving!

What is so amazing about biofit is that it has all the critical probiotics in a single product to help you control these hormones as effectively as possible!


Gobiofit is the official website for biofit. This is where Biofit sells their brand new product, and you can be 100% sure it is going to be from legitimate sources. In fact, if you buy from the official website, there is a 180 day satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

While many biofit amazon reviews are positive, there have been some cases of fraudulent products being sold on websites like Amazon and Ebay, and that’s another reason as to why it’s important for you to buy from the official website.

Also, it’s possible that the people on Amazon or other websites like Ebay might be overcharging for something you can get a much better deal on. 

After all, after all the manufacturing costs, high quality ingredients and sourcing, the product is worth 249$ per bottle, but on the official website you can get it for 90% off

Not only that, but there are some additional, very juicy offers that you can only get from their official website.


There are many good reviews on biofit, and for good reason. But in my opinion, there’s something far more important: The data. And what does it say?

Well, first the product is high quality. And we know this because it’s certified by two of the top tier manufacturing and third party testing organizations in the United States: the NSF and GMP!

Next, we know the ingredients work. Not just “work”, but like, work work. The hundreds of double blind, peer reviewed scientific studies on the ingredients confirm this! In fact there, are 250 studies on Bacillus Subtilis alone! Now that’s really something.

Finally, there’s the deal. And oh man, what a deal that is. Imagine being able to get something that is worth 249 dollars for 90% off! And not only that, there’s even something extra thrown in if you buy from the official website. Something with some super secret, super helpful information. But I’m not gonna spoil the surprise, click here, and I’ll let you find out for yourself!