Your definitive article on the smoothie diet and the smoothie diet reviews in 2023.

  • The smoothie diet reviews I encountered were almost all positive
  • Integrates research supported calorie deficit methods with the popularity and enjoyment of smoothie consumption
  • Healthy intake of fruits and vegetables
  • Shopping lists included
  • Full plan only available at the official website
  • Protein can be tough to acquire. Try adding low calorie, protein dense foods to your diet like peanut butter, nuts or eggs.
My Verdict:

4.4 out of 5 stars

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What is the 21-day smoothie diet?

The 21-day smoothie diet is a weight loss regimen in which a smoothie replaces one or more meals. The theory behind the plan is that by substituting a smoothie for a full meal, you may lower your calorie consumption and lose weight. In the case of the 21-day smoothie diet, this would look like 2 smoothies a day and 1 meal. There is some scientific data to support this.

This is because the foundation of an effective weight loss plan is a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit consists of consuming approximately 500-1000 calories less than required daily in order to trigger healthy weight loss. Additionally, the smoothie diet guide also advocates including smoothies into your diet in order to detox and cleanse the body. A lot of the smoothie diet reviews mentioned and appreciated the detox part of this diet!

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So during my research, I found that the main idea behind the “2 smoothies a day and 1 meal” concept is the combination of low calorie smoothies with filling meals. Pretty sweet deal considering you get to consume tasty smoothies everyday with healthy ingredients. According to the smoothie diet reviews and the recipes, there are nuts, fruits, vegetables, and plant-based proteins in the recipes. These recipes can also be tailored and customized to fit individual needs. While the full 21 day smoothie PDF must be purchased from the official website, I included a 21 day smoothie PDF with some sample recipes here if you want to try some.

What do smoothie diet reviews say?

1. The positive

The 21-day smoothie diet may have several distinct advantages. For example, not only do smoothies make it easier to get in more fruits and vegetables… but they can also help with controlling calorie intake. Why? Well, smoothies tend to be lower in calories and fat than most meals. This means that 2 smoothies a day and 1 meal can realistically meet the requirements of a sustainable calorie deficit! This in turn, leads to more weight loss! Woo hoo!.

Another thing worth mentioning is that smoothies are produced with whole, unprocessed ingredients. Because of this they can aid in digestion and promote general wellbeing. Most of the smoothie diet reviews around usually say something along the lines of it being an easy, accessible diet with delicious recipes, which I tend to agree with. Additionally, smoothie diet reviews state that a lot of the flat stomach weight loss smoothie recipes included in the 2 smoothies a day and 1 meal plan include a day-to-day groceries list and snack list. This is another thing I like a lot about it because it pretty much makes the smoothie diet guide plug-and-play.

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Ease of use

Another big advantage of the 21-day smoothie diet is ease and accessibility. I noticed that some of the people in the smoothie diet reviews that I read had tight schedules. For these sorts of people this diet came in pretty handy! Due to the straightforwardness of preparation, smoothies can be made quickly and with minimal effort, even when a person has a hectic lifestyle. This is achieved by blending a selection of ingredients together and can take mere minutes to accomplish.

Another thing frequently mentioned in the smoothie diet reviews was that the smoothies could be consumed at flexible times. You can drink them at breakfast, have them as a snack or post-workout meal. Additionally, smoothies can be taken on the go. All these things make it a practical option for those with busy schedules who seek to be consistent with the diet. And because there are 2 smoothies a day and one meal this means that you will save a ton of time when preparing 2 out of your 3 meals.

In contrast, traditional meal preparation can take significant time and energy, such as shopping for ingredients, the cooking, and the subsequent cleanup. By swapping out standard meals with smoothies, it is possible to save effort and time spent in the kitchen. This can be beneficial for people who have tight schedules or who don’t have inclination towards cooking, such as those mentioned in the smoothie diet reviews.

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2. The negative

One of the major (and only) negative aspects I (and some of the other smoothie diet reviews) found about this diet was the lack of protein. Luckily, this isn’t this big of an issue simply due to the flexibility of the smoothie diet guide. For example, it’s not particularly difficult to incorporate high protein, low calorie powders into your smoothies. And while you’re at it, you could get creative and add a fat burner smoothie powder like Java Burn as well, since it’s low calorie and tasteless.

Another issue with the diet is that a small number of people in the smoothie diet reviews mentioned experiencing some digestive issues when starting out. After all, while 2 smoothies a day and 1 meal may be nutritious and assist with weight loss, it’s possible the heightened levels of fiber from the fruits and vegetables could also be accompanied by some digestive problems, initially at least.

One potential solution to this issue is incorporating low calorie yogurt into your smoothies… As several the smoothie diet reviews that I read stated that the probiotics in the yogurt help to counter digestive issues they faced. Other foods high in probiotics include sourdough bread, pickles, and soft cheeses.


Overall, I agree with most of the smoothie diet reviews posted by others that it is a straight to the point, yet holistic approach to weight loss. It incorporates the antioxidant, nutritional, and low-calorie qualities of fruits and vegetables with the satisfaction of a nourishing meal. Additionally, the smoothie diet reviews often stated that the recipes were tasty, and not full of bland, monotonous foods. It’s something a foodie would love. There are a couple drawbacks, but luckily, in my opinion they are quite minimal; this is simply due to the fact that it’s fairly easy to counteract these with some very simple additions such as protein powder, eggs, nuts, and/or yogurt. The promises the diet makes are achievable and the diet is accessible to almost any kind of person. This is why I gave the smoothie diet 4.4 out of 5 stars.

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